Chillingly Dark Tattoo Art of Identical Twins of Salem | Under the Ink

May 2019


Ryan and Matthew Murray - Sorcerers from Salem

February 2019
Tattoofest Magazine Issue 142

The Twins of Salem

December 6, 2018
Skin Deep Issue 297

Meet Ryan and Matt Murray of The Black Veil

November 15, 2018
Boston Voyager

Featured on Haunted USA

October 22, 2018
Specials Episode 2

DIY DOCS: Ryan and Matthew Murray

October 18, 2018

Published in Sketching from the Imagination: Dark Arts

January 2018

Sketching from the Imagination: Dark Arts focuses on horror, Gothic, and the macabre. Glimpse inside the sketchbooks of fifty accomplished artists from various fields.

The Brothers from Salem- Ryan and Matthew Murray

12 / 05 / 2017
By: Alexander Ledovskih

Featured on Haunted USA

October 21, 2017
Season 1, Episode 2

Identical Passion for the Dark Side

April 20, 2017
Boston Globe

10 New England Tattooers you need to Follow on Instagram

April 10, 2017
TAKE Magazine
By: John Arvanitis

Ryan and Matthew Murray Live Tattoo

Sullen Art Collective
January 20, 2017

Artist of the Month: Ryan and Matthew Murray

November 18, 2011
All things tattoo

I Was Hazed at Boston Fashion Week

SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
By: Ashley Rose

Brother tattoo artists from Salem compete on 'Ink Master'

September 5, 2016
Salem Evening News
By Arianna MacNeill 

Twin Brothers Debut on Spike TV Ink Masters Season 8

September 2, 2016
Co-Owners of The Black Veil Studio of Tattoo and Art in Beverly make their reality show debut
Northshore Magazine

Tattooer Matt Murray looks to explore what he's capable of on his journey to "Ink Master."

Ink Master Season 8

Spike TV

The Gothic Tattoos Of Matthew Murray

July 2016
By: Jentheripper

Tattoo Artist Spotlight - Sullen Art Collective

January 2016

Sullen Art Collective Sullen Clothing Creative Director & Co Owner Ryan Smith hopped on the Sullen Blog today to talk about two Artist's who've been catching his attention a great deal lately. They're twins actually, & they go by Black Veil. Hit the link below to read the full article by Smith himself!

Set location for The Forger featuring John Travolta

November 2012

Brothers Ink their Bond

May 1, 2012
Lynn Item
By: Sarah Mupo

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